Nina Caravel of Columbus Maquette de Bateau (756)

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La Nina Model Boat Kit

La Nina is a caravel made famous after its participation in the first voyage of Christopher Columbus, when he journeyed to the West Indies in 1492. The name ‘La Nina’ means the girl in Spanish, but this was a nickname for the boat, her real name being Santa Clara. All Spanish ships of the time were named after a female saint. The nickname ‘La Nina’ was supposedly a joke amongst sea mates, which intended to mock to her owner, Juan Nino.

The ship had two sisters, Pinta and Santa Maria, all 3 of which accompanied Columbus on his journey. It is reportedly said that La Nina, out of the 3, was the favourite of Columbus. La Nina was a typical caravel of the day, a Portuguese sailing ship that was highly maneuverable due to its size and with the addition of a lateen sail, was extremely fast, making it perfect for exploration.

La Nina boat kit is manufactured by Mantua Model Group, who have been producing model ship kits since after the war. They have been recognised by many for offering high quality model boat kits, using laser technology to accurately cut out pieces.

If you have any questions about this kit, please feel free to contact us.

This Vessel Type is Caravelle
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