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Cutty Sark Model Ship

This is an Expert Level Kit

Details of Manufactures

A former RAF pilot named Ejnar (Ed) Billing worked as an architect in the town of Esbjerg in Denmark in the in the early 1950s, whilst his wife ran a hobby shop called Vestjydsk Hobby.

During this period in time, there was no model boat kits from which a boat can be built, Instead there were ready made model boats. Mr Ejnar Billing usually displayed his build up model of a Danish Fishing Boat in his shop.

On one sunny day, a Danish magazine saw this beautiful model boat displayed in the window of the Hobby shop and requested that Mr Billing produces 50 built up models that they could buy for use in a competition the coming summer. The work and time that would be invested in building 50 ready models was a huge task for Mr Billing, so he came up with the idea of making the models as a kit that can be assembled together the same way you will build a ship.

It was at this time the concept of “plank on frame” which is now employed by all model boat manufactures around the world was created by Mr Billing. The model boats used to be produced under the name “VHT” Vestjydsk Hobby Teknik which was changed in 1958 to Billing Boats due to its increasing popularity among model boat builders around the world.

Details of Cutty Sark Kit

This particular large and impressive model will be challenging even to a well-trained builder, as it requires many hours of intensive occupation. The technique for these sets needs to be perfect and it requires a lot of dexterity. You will be on your own with a lot of the details in the models

The kit includes laser cut frames for keel & bulkheads, and exotic wood strip for hull planking. It also includes is the wooden deck planking, masts and spars, metal and wooden fittings, and pre-sewn sail material and, silk flag. The instruction booklet is very detailed, taking you through every step of construction.

History of Cutty Sark

Did you know that this vessel had to go through two changes of identity before it could be called ‘Cutty Sark’ again? This is because when it was sold to the Portuguese in 1895, Cutty Sark’s name was changed by its two subsequent owners. Finally in 1922, English Captain Wilfred Dowman spotted Cutty Sark in Fal mouth and bought her off, thus reinstating its original identity.

Journey of Cutty Sark

From the time that the Cutty Sark was launched, it served as a tea clipper that took part in tea trade races from London to China. Cutty Sark was specifically designed to perform in these races which became a sport of national interest in the UK during the late nineteenth century. However, clipper ships were being replaced by steam ships at that time since they were more competent in passing through the Suez Canal to China. Eventually, the Cutty Sark was sold to the Portuguese firm Ferreira and the name of Cutty Sark was changed to the name of the company. The ship was used to trade in various areas including Mozambique, Rio, Angola, New Orleans and Britain.

In 1922, it was the last operating clipper in the world. Once near the English Channel, the ship got caught in a storm and had to be docked at Falmouth Harbour. It was here that Captain Dowman saw the ship and vowed to buy it. In the meantime, the ship was sold again to new owners in Lisbon, where it was renamed Maria do Amparo.However, Captain Dowman was successful in buying the ship for £3,750 and changing her name back to the Cutty Sark. The ship was then used as a training ship for cadets. Currently, Cutty Stark is located at Greenwich and preserved as part of National Historic Fleet, Core Collection as a museum ship.

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