Maquette du Hollandais Volant – Occre (14010)

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14010 - OCC

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The Flying Dutchman was a notorious ghost ship. It is said that its original task was to collect the souls of those who died at sea, before ferrying them to the afterlife. Throughout the Golden Age of Piracy, the Flying Dutchman would become a ship that was feared by many across the seven seas.

Accounts of the Flying Dutchman date back to the late 18th Century, and apparently the vessel glowed with a ghostly greenish hue.

The world-renowned and high-grossing movie series Pirates of the Caribbean popularised the Flying Dutchman, as the ship belonged to key antagonist Davy Jones.

This fantastic model is an excellent representation of the infamous Flying Dutchman. It’s complete with an open hull full of extraordinary details, as well as an exclusive exhibition stand and even a custom die cast plate that includes tentacles.

The entire model makes for an absolutely brilliant piece of décor for maritime and movie entusiasts alike, and the kit includes all of the necessary tools required for assembly.

This Vessel Type is Galion
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