PRINZ EUGEN Maquette à construire – Occre (16000)

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16000 - OCC

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Prinz Eugen, an Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruiser that served with Germany’s Kriegsmarine throughout World War II. She was laid down in 1936, then launched in August 1938, and was subsequently entered into service in August 1940, when the war was well and truly underway.


Many maritime experts consider Prinz Eugen to be a phenomenon of naval engineering, and is so named after Prince Eugene Francis of Savoy. Most notable about Prinz Eugen is potentially the fact that she endured two nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll.


The ship was armed with eight SK L/60 main battery guns, as well as twelve L/65 anti-aircraft guns, allowing the ship to competently deal with potential aerial threats. Furthermore, Eugen was equipped with three Arardo Ar 196 seaplanes, and even a catapult to aid in take-off.


She was so advanced in terms of both military and naval engineering, and OcCre have expertly captured this terrific legacy with their new model. It has been built at a scale of 1:200, and so measures in at 1060 millimetres in length, 175 mm in width, and 270 mm in height.


The model is complete with a menacing grey paint job and red hull, as well as intricate decking and a variety of smaller features such as anti-aircraft cannons and guns.

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This Vessel Type is Maquette Militaire
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